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A Legacy of Love: Vicki Lockett’s 24 Years of Empowering Families at EarlystART

Twenty four years ago, “The Matrix” debuted in theaters, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” was the most popular show on television, TLC released “No Scrubs”, and Mrs. Vicki Lockett started her enduring and impressive career at EarlystART (then named United Inner City Services). 

Vicki serves as EarlystART’s Senior Family Advocate, and has been with the organization since 1999. As the Senior Family Advocate, Vicki develops partnerships that provide support and empowerment to families of the community– a community that she grew up in. 

One of her favorite childhood memories is walking home from school every day to find her dad waiting across the street to walk her the rest of the way. That love and care her dad showed her when she was little has now blossomed into constant and persistent service for her neighborhood. Over her 24 years with EarlystART, Vicki has touched the lives of countless families, bringing positive change, unwavering support, and necessary resources to those in our community who need it most. 

Reflecting on her early days at the center, Vicki shares that she wishes she had known about Conscious Discipline and how to advocate for her own children. Recognizing the importance of equipping parents with the tools they need to support their children, she makes it her mission to educate families on effective strategies and empower them to advocate for their own children’s well-being.

Throughout her 24 years at EarlystART, Vicki’s most impactful lesson she’s learned has been the recognition that everyone’s story is unique. She emphasizes the importance of meeting families where they are, understanding their individual circumstances, and tailoring support to their specific needs. Her empathy and understanding creates a safe and welcoming environment where families can openly share their experiences and seek guidance without fear of stigma or prejudice.

When asked about her biggest accomplishment since joining EarlystART in 1999, Vicki humbly points to the knowledge and skills she has gained during her tenure. These invaluable assets have not only allowed her to advance within the organization, but to mentor and guide other Family Advocates, ensuring that the positive impact of EarlystART continues to grow.

Looking ahead to the next decade at EarlystART, Vicki’s biggest hope is for families to become self-sufficient and empowered advocates for their own well-being. She envisions a future where families proudly proclaim, “EarlystART gave my family an early start!” Her dedication to empowering families underscores her belief in the transformative power of early childhood education and the positive ripple effects it can have on entire communities.

As Vicki Lockett celebrates her 24th work anniversary at EarlystART, her story serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative impact one individual can have on the lives of others. Her commitment, knowledge, and unwavering dedication to supporting families and advocating for early childhood education continue to make EarlystART a beacon of hope and opportunity for families in need.

“Vicki is the true embodiment of the spirit and history of our organization. She has devoted her career and life to the community she grew up in. Thank you for the bridges you’ve built, the many people you’ve inspired, and the overwhelming impact you have had on so many.”

Deidre Anderson

CEO, EarlystART