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Staff Spotlight: Ms. Vera Williams

Staff Spotlight: Ms. Vera Williams is on the cusp of her golden anniversary in early childhood education at EarlystART! In Ms. Ivera (Vera) Williams' almost 50 year career in early childhood education, there have been approximately: 220,500 diapers changed, 40,000...

At UICS, we believe joy is intentional.

Arrowhead Stadium’s Tower Club East was filled with boundless joy on October 28. We safely championed futures, elevated support, and shared a wonderful surprise at the annual Little Learners Luncheon! The event displayed a student art gallery viewing (view it HERE)...

Puppets, Theater, and Handling Big Feelings

An old friend is bringing a new program to our centers! Alex Espy, the Mesner Puppet Theater’s Education Director, was the UICS-St. Mark Center Arts Coordinator for four years. The puppets Alex helped former little learners create still greet current students as they...

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