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Staff Spotlight: Bonita “Bonnie” Conley

Celebrating 15 Years of Unwavering Commitment to EarlystART Big cheery smiles, loud belly-aching laughter, and the sweet sound of “You are My Sunshine” are all tell-tale signs that you’ve just walked into Mrs. Bonnie’s toddler classroom. This month, Mrs. Bonita...

Staff Spotlight: Melanie Bolden

Adding a Little Sparkle, One Rhinestone at a Time Everyone knows someone whose simple presence brightens a room; whose smile somehow eases your mind; whose positivity you might even be a little envious of–someone who adds a little sparkle to everything they touch. At...

Staff Spotlight: Vicki Lockett

A Legacy of Love: Vicki Lockett's 24 Years of Empowering Families at EarlystART Twenty four years ago, “The Matrix" debuted in theaters, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” was the most popular show on television, TLC released “No Scrubs”, and Mrs. Vicki Lockett started...

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