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Ready for Kindergarten – and beyond!

It’s a short window – that pivotal period between infancy and 5 years of age – for EarlystART to positively influence the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of a child. Here are just a few of the many ways EarlystART prepares Little Learners for the classroom and for life.



91% of students meet or exceed benchmarks in cognitive skills such as asking questions, developing an increased attention span, problem solving, or simple reasoning.


85% of families are actively engaged in their student’s learning, attending 12 or more school events, community activities, or parenting trainings.


100% of families receive helpful information and resources from a dedicated Family Advocate as well as their child’s teachers.


100% of EarlystART faculty commit to ongoing professional development and credentialing to meet or exceed early educator professional standards.


71% of staff identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC), reflecting diversity of those served, with shared experiences and ethnic backgrounds to meet the needs of students and families.


of EarlystART students are kindergarten-ready, with our Creative and Arts-based curriculum and supportive services contributing to their success compared to 34% of Kansas City MO students.

30,000,000 words.

Nowhere is the inequity between families of higher education more apparent than in the vocabularies of 4-year-olds. For children who grow up in a professional family, the average 4-year old accumulates 45 million words, versus 13 million words for a child in a family receiving welfare benefits.

As a Head Start-affiliated early childhood development provider, we ensure school readiness of children from low-income families and also provide health, nutrition, and social services unique to each family’s needs.

Likewise, our classrooms are home to students whose families do not have economic need but still desire the exceptional quality of an EarlystART education. Our outcomes speak to a commitment to excellence in early education and healthy family development.