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An integral part of UICS curriculum is our strong focus on an inspired sense of empowerment in children and their families. Our students are empowered every day with the tools and knowledge that they can be everything they choose.. This summer, our curriculum shift focuses on just that. Through our summer camp theme, “I Can Be Everything I Want to Be”, students explore different avenues to expand their worldview and continue boosting their momentum towards growth and educational goals that will set them up for future successes. 

This program encourages our little learners to imagine themselves as a multitude of thingsarchitects, scientists, performers, and chefs, to name some. Each week, a new dynamic lesson plan introduces a topic in which students have a choice in how they engage and test their skills at a new concept. Because our educational focus is always through an arts-infused lens, much of the activities students participate in require both individual creation and collaboration with their peers. From cheering a friend on as they compete in an obstacle course on the playground and working as a class to complete a building challenge, to choosing their own ingredients to prepare a healthy snack and taking the stage to share a special talent, our students stretch their minds to view themselves dynamic and capable learners. Ms. Jill Maybruck from the pre-K Rainbow Room at UICS-St. Mark Center shared the significance of these weekly exercises as her class marched out onto the playground to the Olympic Anthem for Athlete Day. “It’s important for our kids to know that they can be anything and everything they want to be. Our job in empowering them with tools and choices now affect their self-confidence and perception of their own abilities down the road”. 

If you would like to help us continue providing these important enrichment experiences for our students, please check out our In-Kind Donation list here. We are always in need of materials to keep our little learners actively engaged in becoming everything they can be.