Xylophones and Boomwhackers

“As an extension to the Creative Curriculum tubes and tunnels study, the Art Coordinator purchased the materials to build xylophones using PVC pipes cut at different lengths for different pitches. Each pitch was paired with a color for children to find success in playing simple melodies. The colors corresponded to the plastic tube instruments known as boomwhackers which can also be used for playing simple melodies. We made song charts using colored construction paper on poster board to play a song by color matching. I\f the poster has a red square, the child can find the red boomwhacker or the red tube on the xylophone to play the proper note. Children’s favorite song to play is Old MacDonald had a farm. These instruments reinforce how everyday items can be used to create and will serve as long-term resources for our center.”

– Chelsea Wells
Art Coordinator, Metro Center